Hygge VÄRI watch series

The VÄRI is a watch series designed for women. Series is designed by Mats Lönggren. VÄRI stands out by its simple time display and square case, characterized by its curved and perfect geometrical face to appear as one piece without any other parts.


Hygge watches is a brand of Japanese watchmaker P.O.S. Co. Hygge is focused on offering insightful timepieces in which the essence of Scandinavian design meets the finest Japanese quality.

Hygge Väri watch series: Grey
Hygge Väri watch series: Snow Grey

To design a new women’s watch series concept.

Concept design aimed to create uniform colour watch that would suite to women who appreciates subtle details and material aesthetics. 

The result is a simple and aesthetic product series where material and colour aesthetics is designed in perfect balance.

New women’s watch series to complement the Hygge range.