Stala Firewood Racks

Firewood rack products enable firewood storage outside as well as inside and transportation particularly in small houses and at cottage.



Stala is a producer of household products. The product range includes stainless steel worktops, sinks and matching accessories, waste sorting systems and mailboxes. Stala is family owned company having roots in its appreciation of Finnish work, functional design, and high quality. Stala operates in over 10 countries and exports account for over 30% of the annual turnover.

Stala Wood Rack Outdoor
Stala Wood Rack Indoor

To create new product category for Stala and new product range for storing firewood.

Product concept design.

A series of firewood products: 1. Firewood rack for outdoor use with season cover, 2. Rack for indoor use and 3. Magazine and firewood rack for indoor use.

Wood Rack for outdoor use keeps your firewood stable, safe and organized. The sturdy structure has been designed so that the rack keeps firewood off the ground and away from dampness. Indoor firewood racks has been designed for storing e.g. magazines and firewood near the fireplace.