Design Director, Partner, MA
Sauli Suomela
+358 50 514 8934
Sauli Suomela, co-founder of the agency, has worked at Pentagon Design since 1996. His client list includes Hackman, Iittala, Stockmann, Kesko and VitrA. As a Design Director Sauli believes in finding solutions and seeks inspiration from architecture, art and ordinary life of ordinary people. In 2010 he and his colleague Arni Aromaa were awarded the Industrial Designer of the Year 2010 prize by The Finnish Association of Designers. In 2012 they received another prestigious award, State Prize for Design 2012. Sauli’s role models are, among the others, Kaj Franck, Tapio Wirkkala, Tadao Ando and Oki Sato. His Soundtrack of Design usually includes heavy metal, especially on Mondays.
Creative Director, CEO, Partner, MA/IDBM
Arni Aromaa
+358 40 551 5536
Arni Aromaa, another founding member of the agency, has worked at Pentagon Design since 1996. His client list includes Fazer, Lappset, SRV, Tikkurila and VitrA. As a Creative Director he believes in curiosity, rational passion and sustainability. In 2010 Arni and his colleague Sauli Suomela were awarded the Industrial Designer of the Year 2010 prize by The Finnish Association of Designers. In 2012 they received another prestigious award, State Prize for Design 2012. Arni’s role models are, among the others, Tapio Wirkkala, Raymond Loewy and Dieter Rahms. His Soundtrack of Design usually includes, in addition to Radio Helsinki, Kate Bush.
Senior Strategist, M.Sc. (Econ)/IDBM
Virva Haltsonen
+358 40 524 8151
Virva Haltsonen has worked at Pentagon Design since 2008. Her client list includes KONE, Cembrit, SRV, Fazer and MUUNTO. As a design planner she believes in curiosity and feels that a good designer always looks for new challenges and constantly seeks to improve existing services, products and others alike. Her role model is the first brand & design consultant she met, Stefan Ytterborn, a Swede who nowadays knowingly works as an antique dealer. Virva’s Soundtrack of Design includes old David Bowie or Depeche Mode and, quite often on Fridays, Róisín Murphy.
Senior Designer, Interiors & Graphics, MA
Pia Thurman
+358 40 596 9590
Pia Thurman has worked at Pentagon Design since 2001. Her client list includes Huoneistokeskus, Kesko, SATO, Tikkurila and TJT-Kaluste. According to Pia, four of the most important qualities any designer should have are empathy, perseverance, ability to co-operate and ability to understand what the client really wants. Pia believes in overall holistic approach and versatility. Her Soundtrack of Design often includes everything Radio Helsinki, the local radio station, has to offer.
Senior Designer, Products, BA
Jari-Petri Voutilainen
+358 40 587 7898
Jari-Petri Voutilainen has worked at Pentagon Design since 2010. His client list includes Derin, Footbalance System, Orthex, Sinituote and VitrA. According to Jari-Petri, the single most important quality any designer should have is the ability to provide creative solutions, both to the end users and manufacturers. As a senior product designer he believes in overall holistic-harmonic approach and well-functioning visual details .His biggest role model is the French designer duo Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Jari-Petri’s Soundtrack of Design usually includes everything the local radio station Radio Helsinki has to offer.
Designer, Products, BA
Veli-Pekka Niska
+358 40 754 7053
Veli-Pekka Niska has worked at Pentagon Design since 2005. His client list includes Fiskars, Orthex, RAY, Stala and VitrA. For VP, his job is all about designing beautiful, functional and sustainable products. According to him, the most important qualities any designer should have are curiosity, problem solving ability and perseverance. VP’s Soundtrack of Design usually includes mostly heavy music such as punk, stoner and trash metal.
Senior Designer, Concepts & Interiors, MA/IMIAD
Anna Hoskonen
+358 (0)40 577 7367
Anna Hoskonen has worked at Pentagon Design since 2008. Her client list includes Fiskars, KONE, Martela, Mint of Finland and Tikkurila. She believes in overall holistic approach and finding new solutions. She feels that good designing is based on openness, creativity and co-operation. Her role model – due to her extraordinary imagination, artistic versatility and life philosophy – is author and artist Tove Jansson. Anna’s Soundtrack of Design includes all kinds of music from Beyoncé to Serge Gainsbourg.
Design Coordinator, MA
Jenni Simonen
+358 50 578 1441
Jenni Simonen started working at Pentagon Design in 2015. Her job description includes e.g. marketing communication and administration. According to Jenni, most important features for Design Coordinator are efficiency, multitasking and organizing skills. While working, Jenni often listens to office’s background music, Radio Helsinki and everything from Elvis Presley to Paloma Faith.
Design Consultant, M. Sc. (Econ.), IDBM
Heidi Hyytiäinen
+358 44 344 8554
Heidi Hyytiäinen works with customers to improve their competitiveness by means of design and design thinking. Since 2011, Heidi has been working to strengthen customers' brands and develop ecologically sustainable and enjoyable everyday experiences and urban environments. She is inspired by people, curiosity and imagination. While working with the City of Helsinki and Lahti, she found one of her role models, human oriented Danish architect Jan Gehl. Her playlist includes music from rock to minimal house and jazz.
Designer, Interiors, BA
Kaisa Tanner
+358 50 412 9707
Kaisa started working at Pentagon Design in spring 2016. Previously she has worked mostly with retail and commercial space designs and concepts. In design she believes in curious mind and overall design approach with layers of elements that reflects stories and emotions. She is inspired by aesthetics in everyday life and witty combinations. Her soundtrack of Design is an alternative mix of different music genres.
Designer, Services & Concepts
Alex Baer
+35850 477 9981
Alex Baer started to work at Pentagon Design in Spring 2016. Alex believes that good design is cultivated by challenging conventions and by embracing a human-centered and holistic approach throughout all stages of the design process. He is inspired by people who are perseverant and passionate. Alex's Soundtrack of Design consists of everything between neoclassical composer Olafur Arnalds to the epic tunes of Barry White.
Sauli Flander
Sauli Flander started working at Pentagon Design as an intern in the summer of 2016. Along with work, he's also studying in the Collaborative and Industrial Design MA programme in Aalto University. Sauli thinks that ultimately, good design happens through listening to various perspectives and uniting those values into a cohesive entity or experience. While working, Sauli usually just listens to the acoustic environment of the office, but also, for example, to Flying Lotus or Steven Wilson.
Designer, Interiors
Linda Vanni
+358 40 760 5398
Linda works at Pentagon Design as an Interior Architect while also completing her MA studies in Spatial and Product Design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. As a curious and open-minded designer, she aims to create spaces, products, services and concepts that are sustainable, user-centered and that provide a memorable, positive experience to the visitors. She believes that a successful space serves as a platform for encounters and innovations, and that it evokes feelings and enables creativity among users. Linda is inspired by urban cityscapes, architecture, art, indie movies and especially different cultures and people – the environments experienced and stories heard along backpacking travel routes serve as her main source of inspiration.
Designer, Interiors
Marjut Alitalo
+358 44 339 0626
Marjut Alitalo started working at Pentagon Design in Autumn 2016. Besides working Marjut is currently preparing her final thesis in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. According to her, the most important qualities any designer should have are openness, perseverance and ability to co-operate. At the moment she's interested in future, digitalization and experiential design. She feels that she's a creative designer and interprets wishes and aims in a sensitive way. Marjut’s Soundtrack of Design usually includes different types of music but mostly David Bowie, Chris Clark and good punk music.
Senior Designer, Graphics and Concepts, BA
Katri Stolt
+358 40 574 9733 (on maternity leave)
Katri Stolt started working at Pentagon Design in Autumn 2016. She has a background on marketing in various advertising agencies where she had hands on with brand development, concepts, package design and service design. As a designer she’s interested in people’s behavior in various situations, new services and developing them, challenging old habits and finding solutions that help the everyday-life. She takes into consideration the end-user’s needs and aims to look at the entity from different perspectives. She’s inspired by urban culture, architecture, grocery stores around the world and people who have a story to tell. To balance her urban life she’s a wannabe horticulturist –in other words, interested but that skillful (yet).
Senior Designer, Digital Concepts & Graphics, BA
Juha-Tuomas Reinikainen
+358 40 758 1226
Juha-Tuomas Reinikainen started working at Pentagon Design in spring 2017. He has a versatile background on advertising, where he especially focused on branding and digital projects. As a designer he’s intrigued by breaking boundaries with new solutions. He appreciates integrated designs with clarity and usability that are finished with thought to the last detail. Juha-Tuomas is inspired by everyday life, art, movies and creative friends. While working his choice of music is often mood related although usually he finds himself listening to Radio Dept, Radiohead or Radio Helsinki.
Design Intern
Katariina Karjalainen
+35840 657 8387
Katariina Karjalainen started her internship at Pentagon Design in September 2017. Katariina graduated as a Graphic Designer from Seinäjoki and moved to Helsinki to find new challenges. In her own work she always endeavors for good design that has the right feeling and message that also delivers to the recipients. Simplicity, beauty and distinctiveness are attributes that she appreciates and keeps as goals in her own work. Katariina is inspired by intelligent and funny solutions in design. While working, Katariina listens to indie or to some simple elevator music. She also likes cats.
Designer, Graphics
Hilla Kouki
+358400 537 000
Hilla Kouki joined Pentagon as one of the experts of graphic design in October of 2017. She has previously accumulated insight and experience into the field in communications and advertising agencies. She thinks functional design should be simple, most of all and based on a strong understanding of the concept and a clear idea. On her free time Hilla reads everything from wiki articles to classic novels, enjoys wine and food with her friends, hikes in nature and plays golf during the summer.
Senior Designer, Graphics & Concepts
Teemu Lehtiö
+35840 705 4379
Teemu started at Pentagon Design in late 2017. He has studied graphic design, industrial design, and has even built himself a wooden boat. Instead of sailing the boat off into the sunset, he moved from Turku to Helsinki. As a designer he aims for simple, functional and effective solutions. When it comes to music, a quote from Josh Homme sums it up best: “I think people listen to whatever they think is good.”
Senior Designer, Graphics & Concepts
Erik Bertell
+35844 516 3416
Erik Bertell has worked at Pentagon since at the end of 2017. He has a background of over 10 years of working at various design agencies, designing for a multitude of brands. Though Erik’s specialty is typeface design, he’s equally at home designing holistic, multiplatform experience concepts.
Design Consultant, M.Sc. in Econ. & Bus. Admin. / IDBM
Ida Jokela
+35840 769 5804
Ida Jokela is the latest addition to our team of design consultants since spring 2018. To our delight, Ida is also our very own and first internal marketing manager and driving force behind all of our appealing digital content. Ida’s expertise lies in the hybrid practice of business and design to enliven customer experience. She is a firm advocate of candid curiosity, empathy, and teamwork in crafting viable, durable and relevant solutions to problems, whether mighty or mundane. Inspired by new people and places she encounters, Ida always strives to learn something new every day. Actually, aside from her business studies, Ida has also pursued studies in aesthetics, a branch of philosophy. So, whether you seek to discuss over business strategies or existential questions related to taste and philosophy of art, she is our go-to person.
Design Intern, BA
Mustafa Alshihani
Mustafa started as an intern at Pentagon Design in May 2018. He studied interior architecture in Syria and is currently interested in complementing his degree with specialization courses in communication and service design at Aalto open university. His creativity is driven by concept, quality, detail, and simplicity. Experience has taught him that the most important element in life is positivity, which he strives to reflect in his work at all times.
Senior Designer, Concepts & Services, MA
Simon Örnberg
+35840 516 9922
Simon started at Pentagon Design in March 2018. He’s got more than 10 years of experience from urban design, product design, arts and architecture. He’s worked as a consultant, designer and as a project manager in several multidisciplinary projects. His special interests are sustainable mobility, design thinking integrated in urban planning and completely new products and services.
Service & Digital Design Trainee
Rasmus Lönnqvist
Rasmus started at Pentagon Design in the spring in 2018. His background is in industrial design and he is currently finishing his studies in the International Design Business Management program at Aalto-University. The past few years his path has led him away from products, and towards more holistic concepts through service and strategy development. In design he is fascinated by the unifying power of visualizations as well as the opportunity to deep dive into different processes all the way from the grassroots level to the C-suite. Vulfpeck is the greatest band in the world but a wider variety of other funk, soul and rap is also regularly on the playlist.